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Individual Child and Adolescent Therapy

To address difficulties and promote healthy development, we work with both the child and the family, and collaborate with other professionals (i.e., school, physician) caring for the child. Benefits of therapy can involve positive behavior, improved mood, reduced anxiety and better relationships.

Group Therapy

Two research-validated social skills groups for children and youth are offered through our practice. These groups are unique in that they are:

  • Evidence-based
  • Include parents
  • Teaches ecologically valid social skills
  • Tailors teaching methods to shared social skills deficits

for additional information on these groups click here!

Parent Consultation

Parent and caregiver meetings are designed to address daily stresses and challenges while meeting the child’s overall needs. We strongly believe in empowering parents and caregivers to be active participants in any intervention for their child, including participation in sessions, regular feedback, and parent meetings. Regular parent/caregiver follow-up is essential to ensure progress and optimize our work with the child and family. These meetings are designed to review progress, celebrate successes, identify areas in need of attention, and to support parents as the family continues to grow and develop. Partnership and planning with parents is essential to the therapeutic process as it accelerates progress and optimizes sustained growth over time, long after therapy has come to a close.

Psychological Testing

When there is a question of a learning difficulty, attention deficits and/or a need to better understand individual strengths and weaknesses, psychological testing can provide answers.

Testing may involve assessment of intellectual, educational, learning socio-emotional development and attention/concentration. 

With children and adolescents, initial meetings are set with parents to discuss their child’s development, learning history, and current strengths. We often provide assessments for school admission as well as re-assessment of learning difficulties for accommodations in university settings and standardized college admission testing

(i.e., SAT, LSAT, GRE).

For additional information and next steps in the process, please refer to the Psychological Testing and Assessment page.

Family Focused Guidance

The goals of meeting with the whole family include identifying constructive ways of communication, problem solving and interaction by capitalizing on existing, though sometimes hidden, strengths.  

Adult Therapy

Within a collaborative setting we focus on individual talents, skills and resources, as well as provide support and partnership. Difficulties with anxiety, depression, and relationships are examples of issues addressed in therapy. Work is aimed at increasing successful experiences and greater well-being. 

Fees and Payment for Services

Fees for services vary based on the individual therapist and the therapeutic services provided. The individual therapist will provide you with fee information prior to your initial intake session. Bills are generated at the time of service and we ask that families provide payment at the time of service. Cash, check, and credit are accepted forms of payment.


Brian Razzino, Ph.D. PC and associates do not participate in any insurance network coverage plans and is considered by health insurance companies as an "out of network provider." All bills are to be paid directly to Brian Razzino, Ph.D. PC, regardless of coverage or reimbursement.

To remove the hassle, we can file your claims!

If you wish to inquire to your insurance regarding out-of-network benefits, the following codes (CPT) for therapy and consultation services may be helpful:


a) 90791- Intake assessment and history

b) 90834 - individual psychotherapy (45 minutes)

c) 90834 - individual psychotherapy (60 minutes)

d) 90846 - parent consultation

e) 90847 - family therapy

f) 90853- Teen Social Skills Group

g) 90849- Parent Group (PEERs Program)

Psychological testing/assessment:

a) 90791- diagnostic interview and history

b) 96101 - diagnostic testing

c) 90847 or 90846 - feedback session

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